Thus concludes the first episode of Massive Sqwertz! Tiny rejoins Sqwertz Village and all, if not forgotten, is copacetic.

In Episode 2, everything will be different. And I’m not sure how.

Here’s my guess: the art will be reminiscent, but significantly changed. It will remain in color. There may be fewer panels, but they may come more often.

The ongoing story will concern the ongoing adventures of Tiny Sqwertz and his double life between Sqwertz Village and Everydale Elementary. Friends from school don’t know about Tiny’s home life (though one friend discovers) and the other Sqwertz don’t know where Tiny sneaks off to on weekdays (though one actually does.) There will be a storyline set in Sqwertz Village about a challenger to President Sqwertz’s benevolent rule. There will be a storyline set in Everydale Elementary having to do with a third imposter from Sqwertz Village (not Tiny and not Monster). Then those two storylines will connect with disastrous consequences. We’ll meet six new characters in Sqwertz Village and we’ll meet six new characters in Everydale Elementary. Monster will play a much bigger role. The three imposters will become friends.

And I don’t know when Episode 2 is coming. I hope to see you again when it does.¬†And I’d like to shake your Sqwertz for sticking around. Thank you.


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3 Responses to “50. SQWERTZcoming”

  1. Joe Crawford says:

    Mr Jackson, kudos on finishing cycle #1! You considering selling the first cycle in print? I wonder if anybody would be interested in that. Might be a fun artifact.

  2. Jonathan Harford says:

    Nicely sewn up! I look forward to Sqwertzing how the comic and story develop!

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